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Recruitment For High-level Talents of School of Business Administration, JUFE

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【Brief Introduction】

Sticking to the education philosophy “to be the practitioner of management theory”, and focusing on the aim of “cultivating entrepreneurial and practical business administration talents, School of Business Administration takes great effort to make the school prosperous, keeps on reforming, innovating and exceeding.

1. History The School originated from Industrial Economy Department founded in 1979, and was renamed Department of Business Administration in 1992, then renamed School of Business Administration in 1998.
2. Majors and programs There are 1 first-level discipline postdoctoral research station (Business Administration), 1 first-level Doctoral program (Business Administration), 2 second-level Doctoral programs (Enterprise Management and Technological Economy & Management), 3 postgraduate programs (Enterprise Management, Technological Economy & Management and MBA), and 5 undergraduate programs (Business Administration, Marketing, International Marketing, Human Resource Management and Logistics) in the School.
3. Teaching The School puts great efforts in practical training, focusing on developing the students’ innovation ability. It has such undergraduate quality projects as the national level excellent course “Entrepreneurial Management” and the national level excellent public video course “Explanation of Sun Zi’s Military tactics in Business”. The School also has the preponderant discipline lab jointly built by the central and the local and teaching practice bases such as Zhongshan Dinggu Group Company, Jiangxi High Technology Industry Park and Jianglin Group.
4. International Cooperation The School sticks to opening education, and has established multiform cooperative relationship with the U.S. Northeastern University, New York Institute of Technology,the Coventry University in UK, Lincoln University and Tamkang University in Taiwan. The School jointly established “Sino-British Joint Research Center for International Business” with the Coventry University and “Sino-US Research Center for Innovation and Strategic Human Resource Management” with the U.S. Northeastern University, and has got substantial progress in jointly educating students, instructors exchange visits and scientific cooperation.
5. Serving the local The School has educated a large number of talents and sent them to the society, and trained high level managers for Organization Department of CPC Nanchang Committee, the Phoenix Optics Group, Huayi Electric Group Company, Jiangxi Electric Power Company and Guangdong Shaoneng Group Company. It has also cooperated in various forms with more than 30 enterprises including Minxing Enterprise Group, Nanchang Cigarettes Factory, Jiangxi Dairy Plant, Jiangxi Copper Company, Nanchang Steel Co., Ltd and Kerui Group, and has acquired good social and economic benefit.
【Position Requirement】
Overseas PhD
Business Administration
Logistics Management
【Pay Package】
After the establishment of employment relationship, employee will receive RMB 200,000 -350,000 of annual salary per year in first 4-years contract period, RMB 100,000 of setting-in allowance and RMB 100,000 of startup research grant at the beginning of the first year. JUFE also offers RMB 400,000 of housing subsidy (RMB 40,000 per year, according to the actual employment period and 10 years maximum).JUFE should assist to solve the issues of spouse job, children nursery and school for employees properly. If the issue of spouse job cannot be solved, JUFE will provide a lump-sum living subsidy of RMB 50,000 according to actual circumstance.
【Contact Information】
Name: Lin Lan
Tel: +86 791 3816813

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