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Campus Culture

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Taking “to be the practitioner of management theory” as the philosophy of running the school, focusing on the aim of “cultivating entrepreneurial talents with qualities of ‘fidelity, quickness, integrity, and perseverance’”, School of Business Administration has established positive, healthy and upward campus culture.

In academic contests, the students improve their presentation skills and mental quality by taking part in speeches, debates and Host Talent Competition, and enhance their self-cognition by attending career planning contest. The school has established four specialized organizations based on the characteristics of the four different majors: Enterprise Management Association, Human Resource Association, Logistics Association and Marketing Expert Society. Professional practice opportunities are provided through a series of discipline-based contests such as Business Model Design Contest,, CI Designing Contest, Recruiting Scheme Designing Contest, Creative Marketing Competition, and Logistics Design Contest. The students have been awarded first, second and third places in the national “Challenge Cup” Outside Class Scientific and Technological Works Competition.



In the field of living practice, great importance is attached to liberal education. Rhyme Forum invites famous lecturers to give lectures so that the students may listen to different management arts with the combination of traditional culture and management. Such interest groups as “War in Three Kingdoms, Contention of Various Thoughts” are formed by students and lectured by students weekly, which greatly practice the students’ quick thoughts and analyzing ability, enlarge the width and depth of reflection through voluntary participation and exchange. The periodically held special topics on “Musical instruments, Chess, Writing, Drawing and Tea” improve the students’ knowledge of erudition and refinement. Besides, such activities as Reading Festival, lecture on etiquettes, Psychological Association Culture Week greatly enhance the students’ physical and mental wellness, promote their humanity experience. The Dormitory Culture Festival, March 7th Girls’ Day, Minority culture Festival, Tug-of-war competition, 3+2 Basketball Contest, and Golden Autumn Gourmet Festival greatly arouse the students’ feelings of “loving the dormitory, loving life”, and enhance the emotion among classmates, and enrich after-class life.

In eurhythmics and entertainments, large-scale freshmen welcoming party and graduation party are held annually, which enhance the students’ perception of affiliation to the School. Such activities as the chorus competition, instrument music competition provide display platform for the students, cultivating their taste of art. Besides, plenty of sports activities such as “Business Administration Cup” football game, basketball game, badminton competition, both strengthen the students’ physical ability, and make them experience the charm of sports competition.

In the aspect of public service, the Young Volunteer Association and the two public welfare societies, Voluntary Worker Association and the Green Agency have engaged in series of public service activities. The Business Administration students’ heartily kindness has been showed in such continual activities as the volunteer teaching in Xinshi Elementary School and Lehua Elementary School by the Young Volunteer Association, “Looking toward the southern childhood—one-to-one supporting activity for the stay-at-home children” by Voluntary Worker Association, and Poyang Lake rim environmental protection by the Green Agency in the past 12 years.


After decades of development and hard work, the School of Business Administration has formed good educating environment through years of practice and exploration. We will inherit the tradition, keep on innovating, and striving for a new glorious future.

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